Engagement Experts

Richard Hadden

MBA, CSP, Implementation Specialist

Richard Hadden is a Certified Speaking Professional who focuses on connecting people to profit. He is co-author of the popular Contented Cows leadership book series, including his latest book, Contented Cows STILL Give Better Milk, and also the book Rebooting Leadership.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Jacksonville University, in Florida, and a Master of Business Administration in International Business from The University of North Florida.

Richard worked in leadership positions in finance, telecommunications, and software design, eventually serving as Director of Product Development for a software company, before setting out on his own as a leadership consultant, trainer, and speaker. During that transition, he taught software design, principles of management, and international economics at Jacksonville University.

Since 1995 he has spent much of his time researching the practices and value systems of some of the world’s most successful organizations, and has discovered a strong correlation between a strategy of employee engagement, and operational and financial effectiveness. His first-hand research adventures have taken him to such far-flung locales as the oil fields of Alaska’s North Slope and the factories of Tijuana, Mexico. Using his research, he’s delivered keynote presentations and training programs for more than 850 audiences on five continents over the past 25 years.


Richard has appeared on CNN and MSNBC, and his work has been featured in Business Week, Entrepreneur, and Inc. magazines, as well as many trade and professional publications.