Engagement Experts

Pat Goodberry

Chief Operating Officer, Custom Learning Systems Group Ltd.

Pat joined Custom Learning Systems in 1995 as an Administrative Assistant. She quickly grew into the position of VP of Client Services, where she contributed to the development of much of the Hospital of Choice – Service Excellence Initiative™ materials and processes.

In 2004 she was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, where she continues to serve on the Executive Team overseeing Client Services, content/process development, relationship building, and conducting Process Leadership College. Her ability to connect with her staff and clients through caring relationships sets her apart as a compassionate leader. She was also instrumental in the development of the LEAD Protocol™ focused on a systematic process to ensure Leadership, Execution, Accountability and Discipline in order to quickly, significantly, and positively impact patient experience scores.

In 2009, Pat developed the first edition of The Amazing Leadership Race, as an entertaining and educational way to get conference attendees on their feet, networking, and having fun.

On a personal note, Pat was thrust into a journey of grief following the death of her husband in 2012. As a result of this journey, she founded IntentionalGrieving.com with a three-fold purpose: preparing for grief, surviving grief, and helping others through grief. Her goal is to use the lessons she’s learned to help others in their time of need.

Pat is the Chair of the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference, currently celebrating its 18th year as a top-rated motivational, content-rich, conference. She is equally comfortable orchestrating the behind-the-scenes activities as she is taking center stage as an MC.