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Engage patients, caregivers, and providers through a robust CareSay™ Suite platform of ten digital listening and response improvement solutions.



Empower caregivers at every level through the Everyone's a Caregiver® Micro-Webinar System, to deliver a five-star patient experience.



Transform your culture and create a DNA of healing kindness through our dynamic Service Excellence Initiative™ live training experience.

Change Your Culture and Transform your Patient Experience!

A dysfunctional culture is the single greatest barrier to a healthcare organization’s effort to provide a truly great, world-class patient experience.

Custom Learning Systems is recognized as a leading expert in helping organizations transform their service delivery by creating a 5-star culture of healing kindness and accountability throughout the entire house.

We achieve this through dynamic keynote presentations, comprehensive educational initiatives both in person and digitally, to improve patient satisfaction through employee engagement, a vibrant HCAHPS Webinars, and thoughtful, personalized coaching and consulting.

For over 35 years, hundreds of healthcare organizations began their journey to excellence in patient satisfaction by picking up the phone and contacting us directly.




Registration opens March 15, 2024


HealthCare Service Excellence Conference

We had a great time in Orlando, Florida on November 13 – 15, 2023, for the 23rd Annual HealthCare Service Excellence Conference.  
Check out the highlight video and the 5 Star Report.

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