Ignite the Patient Experience


Our Mission

To ignite your entire team’s commitment to
 become a 5 Star Hospital of Choice


To ignite your entire team’s commitment to
become a 5 Star Hospital of Choice


Ignite The Patient Experience will enable you and your leadership team to:

  • Gain a buy-in from Everyone to Improve the Patient Experience including leadership, frontline, Physicians, and Advanced Care Practicioners. 
  • Create a Three-Year Blueprint to Hardwire a 5 Star Patient ExperiencePlan with input from 60+ Leaders and Caregivers, ready to implement within 14 days after this onsite event. 
  • “Ignite the Patient Experience” Leadership Course providing dynamic inspirational leadership training as a springboard to hardwire a sustainable healing Culture of Kindness Care everywhere. 
  • Receive “20+ Implementation Tools” your team can put to work day one. 

Become the Hospital of Choice

Pre-Onsite Diagnostic

Prior to our visit, we conduct a thorough confidential assessment of your best practices, policies and procedures, including:

  • Best Practice Gap Analysis 
  • Organizational Development Diagnostic
  • Two HCAHPS specific Micro-Gap Analysis
  • ED Best Practice Gap Analysis
  • Economic Impact Statement
  • Pre-Content Call with the CEO
2 Weeks Later

Blueprint to Hardwiring a 5 Star Experience

A precise step-by-step blueprint to move HCAHPS & Patient Experience Scores to the 5 Star level will be submitted for your review of approval within 14 days.

  • Facility Tour 
  • Frontline Staff Focus Group 
  • Department Head (Non-Clinical Leaders) Focus Group 
  • Board & Physician/Advanced Care Practitioners Briefing 
  • Nurse/Clinical Leaders Focus Group 
  • Executive/Senior Management Debrief 

Implementation Tools

Your Ignite the Patient Experience™ Initiative Includes the Following Implementation Tools
Preparing Executive Team for Your ITPE 
The following books by Brian Lee, are supplied for your Executive Leaders:

1. Satisfaction Guaranteed

2. Keep Your Nurses and Healthcare Professionals for Life

Frontline Focus Group 

3. The 5 Attitudes of Engagement education and poster 

Department Head Non-Clinical Focus Group 

4. We facilitate brainstorming a comprehensive set of educational modules for a three hour caregiver workshop 

5. A blueprint of how to start a Pet Visitation/Therapy Program outline 

Nursing Clinical Leaders Focus Group 

6. Facilitate a nurse leader workshop How to Gain a Buy-In For Change 

7. Provide a Patient Engagement Template - Very Good Care Means to Me

8. Provide a Patient Engagement Template – Setting a Daily Healing Goal

9. Facilitate the creation of your own Nursing Kindness Culture Plan

Board/Physician Advanced Care Practitioner Briefing 

10. Seminar – The Star Struck Factor Role of the Board and Advanced Care Practitioners Improving the Patient Experience 

11. Rural Hospital Renaissancebook by Brian Lee, for each board member 

12. Skillful Physician Communicationbook by Brian Lee, for Physicians and Advanced Care Practitioners 

13. Implementation Guide – Five Steps to Improve Patient Survey Response Rates 

Executive Committee Debrief 

14. Customized wallet card – License to Please

15. Executive Education Guide – How to Conduct New Patient Welcome Visits 

16. Agenda and Planning Guide – How to Organize and Lead a CEO Town Forum

17. Evaluation Card – CEO’s Town Hall Forum 

18. Q & A Card – CEO’s Town Hall Forum 

Ignite the Patient Experience Seminar 

19. Seminar Learning Guide – Ignite the Patient Experience

20. Ideas Worth Quoting – 52 Inspirational Posters 

21. Template Agenda – How to Conduct Inspiring Meetings sheet material 

“Blueprint to Hardwiring a Five Star Patient Experience” 

22. Briefing Learning Guide 

23. Training Grant Program Guide 

24. Job Role – Patient Experience Implementation Coordinator 

Research ITPE Design 

25. Hospital of Choice Gap Analysis

Blueprint to Hardwiring a 5 Star Experience™ Plan

Your custom-tailored Blueprint to Hardwiring a 5 Star Experience Plan, provides your leadership team with a step-by-step blueprint to:  

  • Move HCAHPS and patient experience scores to 5 Star. 
  • Strategically Improve: 
    • Patient Experience
    • Physician/Provider Engagement
    • Employee Satisfaction
    • Market Share Grow
  • Eliminate issues of concern to frontline staff that are a practical day-to-day barrier to their active engagement. 
  • Hardwire priority patient satisfaction best practices that are essential to overall improvement. 
  • Create an organizational implementation structure that will facilitate leadership and the frontline to continuously improve the patient experience, around the principle of an effectively chartered Service Excellence Council. 
  • Effectively engage your ancillary and support departments to proactively assist clinical and bedside caregivers. 
  • Fully engage your physicians/providers in a comprehensive way that ensures HCAHPS patient experience scores improve, and support for the overall initiative. 
  • Identify and launch a market growth initiative that will capitalize on the dynamic improvements to your patient experience scores. 

Within 14 days, you will receive this comprehensive plan and debrief conference call with a three-year actionable set of implementation recommendations.

CEO’s endorse the Hospital of Choice Initiative™