Engagement Experts

Pamela Greene

Chief Implementation Coordinator

Pam Greene exhibits a professional career with continuing growth and service to others. Most years were spent teaching special education at a public high school near Pineville, Kentucky.  Pam spent 24 years in the classroom before accepting a position in a leadership role as an administrator in the same school system.  She served on several local and state boards as well as advisory councils during her tenure in the school system.  Statewide education organization positions included Kentucky Director of Pupil Personnel Vice-President, appointed to the Kentucky Education Department Technology Advisory Council, member of Kentucky Leadership Academy, and served as a member of Tribunal Council for the state of Kentucky.  Pam’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Learning Behavior Disorder, Master’s Degree in elementary education, Certification of Supervisor of Instruction, Certification of Media Specialist, Principalship, Director of Pupil Personnel and Certification of School Superintendency.

After a fulfilling 30 years in public schools, Pam took on the challenge to work in the medical field as an office supervisor for a local surgeon’s office.  Embracing the opportunity to become distinguished in a field other than education, Pam worked as clinic supervisor in the surgeon’s office for 7 years.  At the end of the seventh year she accepted a position at Middlesboro Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH), to serve as clinic manager for the local specialty clinics of ARH.  Middlesboro ARH became client of Custom Learning Systems in 2017 and Pam served as Implementation Coordinator until she left the medical setting in February 2019.   At the HCSEC she was honored to be a recipient of the Pinnacle Award for Implementation Coordinator for Service Excellence Initiative in 2017 and in 2018 a Summit Award recipient for Implementation Coordinator for Service Excellent Initiative.

In April 2019 Pam began serving as Chief Implementation Coordinator for CLS clients.  She enjoys speaking with and offering encouragement to peers and sharing the excitement of program victories and providing support during the challenges that Implementation Coordinators encounter.

Pam’s experiences in the classroom, working alongside leadership, and serving in leadership roles provides her with a unique foundation of experiences and skills to approach situations with creativity and an attitude of positivity.