How to Inspire, Motivate, and Engage Caregivers

Do you know how to inspire, motivate, and engage your hospital staff members?

As the workplace is recovering from the pandemic, how do you, as a leader, inspire resilience, agility, teamwork, and positive thinking?

When the pandemic began, it was evident that all we could do as educators was to get out of the way because healthcare professionals had so much to do.

During this time, leaders recognized that there was a need to inspire caregivers at every level during these challenging times.

Here’s how.

Creating Positive Videos to Inspire, Motivate, and Engage Caregivers

To inspire your caregivers, record a five-minute video about delivering kindness care to patients, peer care for each other, self-care for yourself, and leadership nuggets of wisdom.

You can use these videos in different ways:

  • Share a video at a daily meeting or patient experience meeting.
  • Watch the videos and identify habits you like.
  • Create a contest and get points every day if you practice one of those habits.

Fifteen minutes a day of watching and sharing these videos gives you 90 hours a year to inspire others and be inspired.

To inspire, motivate, and engage your caregivers, watch positive videos that touch your heart and inspire your soul.

Listen to people with positive attitudes that inspire you to be better. Think about what inspires you and how you can share that with other people.

Remember: it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to change a lifestyle. Investing 15 minutes a day watching, listening, and discussing these ideas with your peers gives you 90 hours a year to inspire and be inspired.

How to access our videos

You can access these videos in two ways:

  1. Type in “Caregiver Heroes” on YouTube.
  2. Download our “Everyone’s a Caregiver” app and self-register from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. You’ll have access to these videos anytime, anywhere.

Just a few noteworthy people who are in these videos include:

  • LeAnn Thieman, co-author of two books
  • Marcus Engel, an inspirational speaker
  • David Irvine

By creating and watching positive videos, you can inspire your caregivers, which will lead to better patient care. Lead by example and encourage them to have a positive attitude - even when facing challenges.

Videos that touch your heart and inspire your soul can do so much for you, your team, and your patients. Let’s get inspired today!

Download the Operation Uplift Team Organization Charter Today

To empower you in your focus to appreciate, nurture, and support your caregiver heroes, download a copy of Custom Learning’s Operation Uplift Team Organization Charter.

The charter provides all kinds of best practices to help you bring and create a positive culture where you work. It includes an assessment tool and dozens of best practices to improve morale, attitude, and self-care. It also addresses COVID fatigue and retention and includes a reference library of our Caregiver Heroes videos, TED talks, recommended reading, and more.

Now let’s go spread kindness care everywhere.

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