How to Lead Inspiring Meetings


Do you hold inspiring meetings?

Are you ready to stop letting the grumps and whiners dominate your meetings and perpetuate your misery?

Most people dread meetings. Sometimes you may schedule meetings only to have no one show up.

What does that say about your meetings?

Are they boring? Do employees feel as if meetings are negative?

If you’re struggling to hold meetings that are not only inspiring but helpful to your hospital staff members, read on.

It’s time to embrace the ‘8 Attributes of Inspiring Meetings.’

The 8 Attributes of Inspiring Meetings

1. Open with good news.

Instead of letting people start with complaints, go around the room and let everybody share something positive that has happened in their life.

It can be something that is going on personally in their life or on the job. It could be in the last week, two weeks, last month - anything. Opening with positivity starts a meeting off on a good note.

2. Report and communicate.

Report about everything you know and can report on.

Remember: in the absence of keeping your staff well-informed, rumors occur. And nothing good ever comes from rumors.

Here’s a tip: open a note on your smartphone. Start collecting and noticing things.

When you meet with a physician, attend a webinar, or attend a management meeting, collect information so that you can share it with your people.

3. Educate.

If you’ve got a 30-minute meeting, spend five minutes helping your people learn something. If it’s a one-hour meeting, spend ten minutes.

Here are some ideas:

  • Talk about product knowledge
  • Bring in a physician to educate on a subject
  • Bring in a colleague from another department
  • Share a TED talk video
  • Share a Caregiver Heroes video on YouTube

4. Share your power.

Every leader has a decision to make or implement.

You will make better decisions if you let your people who do the work have a say.

Here’s a tip: the next time you interview a prospective employee, allow at least three of their peers to interview them.

Allowing peers to interview people is a fantastic way to get engagement. It’s also an excellent way for interviewers to gauge their future colleagues and vice versa.

5. Play and have fun.

Be silly. Have fun. Lead with humor!

Meetings are an excellent excuse to have fun. For example, have a ‘bring a cookie to work’ day.

Better still, bring a chocolate chip cookie to work for everybody.

Sing a song - do something silly. Make time at every opportunity to have a little bit of fun.

6. Notice and appreciate.

Make sure you make a point of acknowledging somebody for something. Show that you appreciate employees.

Here’s one idea: ‘Cheers for Peers’. Have employees take turns honoring anybody they want at the meeting.

7. Summarize who will do what, by when, and how.

Are you getting tired of hearing people say a meeting was a waste of time?

When you summarize all the actions employees took and their decisions, it gives everybody a sense of accomplishment, achievement, and accountability.

8. Close with ‘good of the patient.’

Go around the room and let everybody share what the best takeaway was from the meeting.

For some people, this may be the first time in their life they’ve ever left a meeting knowing that they learned something positive for the good of the patient.

Key Recommendations to Lead Inspiring Meetings

To lead inspiring meetings, let's follow these key recommendations:

1. Lead meetings that people want to attend. Lead with purpose.
2. Practice the eight attributes of an inspiring meeting and put them to work for you.

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