Do you, or any of your hospital staff members, need to fix your attitude?

Do you ever wonder just how much a positive attitude contributes to creating a healing environment in healthcare?

A positive attitude plays a massive role in every hospital. There’s an old cliche, “it’s your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude.”

Well, cliches are cliches for a reason - because there’s wisdom in there.

Attitude matters.

Here’s why.

Why You Should Fix Your Attitude in a Hospital Environment

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to fix your attitude so that you shine with positivity.

Being positive all the time - especially in a hospital environment - isn’t easy. But as a leader, it’s your job to inspire others and show positivity whenever you can.

When you fix your attitude and exude positivity in a hospital environment, your staff members will reflect it. Your staff members will then reflect it on their patients.

Your attitude can completely change a patient’s (and staff member’s) experience.

Positive Books Can Nourish the Soul

There are some great positive books leaders can read that inspire, educate, and nourish the soul. One book, in particular, is called ‘Nobody’s Home’ by Thomas Edward Gass.

The book tells a story about how Gass grew up with a single mother.

He went to seminary college, and when he graduated, he decided to travel the world. As he traveled, he lost touch with his mother. After receiving word that she was in her last few days on her deathbed, he returned to spend those days with her. When she passed away, he began working in a nursing home out of guilt and atonement.

Gass tells the story of the loneliness, friendships, hard work, and laziness of the communities that form in a skilled nursing facility.

His most profound sentence in the entire book was:

“Based upon our attitude, we can bring joy or misery.”

Bring Joy Everywhere You Go

Working in a hospital isn’t easy. From patient satisfaction to hospital ratings to ensuring employee morale is up, being a leader in health care has its struggles.

But when you’re a leader, you have to do all you can to promote a culture of positivity. You must lead by example.

Fix your attitude, and your attitude will reflect on everyone around you.

Remember: you can bring joy or misery wherever you go.

To keep a positive attitude, we recommend reading positive books that inspire and educate. We also suggest requesting a copy of our Operation Uplift Team Charter.

Download the Operation Uplift Team Organization Charter Today

To empower you in your focus to appreciate, nurture, and support your caregiver heroes, download a copy of Custom Learning’s Operation Uplift Team Organization Charter.

The charter provides all kinds of best practices to help you bring and create a positive culture where you work. It includes an assessment tool and dozens of best practices to improve morale, attitude, and self-care. It also addresses COVID fatigue and retention and includes a reference library of our Caregiver Heroes videos, TED talks, recommended reading, and more.

Now let’s go spread kindness care everywhere.

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