How to Earn a 5-Star Rating Using the Custom Learning Advantage Overview

Are you struggling to earn a 5-star rating in your hospital?

When we engage, educate, and empower hospital staff members to contribute their best to earn a 5-star rating, we can significantly improve the patient experience.

A 5-star rating can help you win back patients in your market area, which is why hospital ratings are vital to any hospital's success.

It is critical to focus on the patient experience and patient engagement when earning a five-star rating. So how do you achieve a five-star rating? The Custom Learning advantage focuses on creating the best patient experience. Learn more about it below.

How to Earn a 5-Star Rating

When patients think about the patient experience, they focus on kindness. They focus on how a nurse or doctor made them feel about their experience.

What do you think a patient appreciates more - the clinical treatment or the personal experience?

It will always be a personal experience.

Remember: people always look at online reviews when choosing a healthcare provider. A patient’s experience is identified by their personal experience. If they have a great personal experience, they will leave a great, 5-star review.

For organizations to be successful, you have to master the patient experience. To improve the patient experience, deliver kind care. And do it everywhere.

The Custom Learning Advantage Overview

At Custom Learning, we have spent over 25 years transforming health organizations. We use our strategies of healing kindness every day to improve the patient experience in over 300 healthcare organizations across North America.

We don’t just deliver theory. We provide a transformative system that works.

We provide live training and help hospitals create a culture of healing kindness delivered by patient relationship experts. Our skills and best practices build a brand about creating a culture of kindness and care everywhere.

The Custom Learning advantage takes these values and works to change the culture of hospital employees.

I can help empower your people to own the relationship with their patients - to create relationships first, then get down to business. When you create a relationship with a patient, you connect with them in a way that contributes to their healing.

It is my privilege to be a partner in your journey to help move you to your destination.

I have helped improve many hospitals’ patient satisfaction and employee engagement scores in their first year by an average of 41 percent.

The Custom Learning Advantage Provides Long-Term, Sustainable, Competitive Advantage

We partner with leading healthcare providers to help improve employee retention, engagement, and patient satisfaction.

We provide a multi-disciplinary approach that includes on-site training, coaching, e-learning, and surveys. By working with this approach, we help create sustained organizational forward-looking organizations.

We use strategies of healing kindness to improve the patient experience and increase scores in
healthcare organizations across North America.

Everyone’s a Caregiver: Providing Education for Healthcare Workers

Everyone's a Caregiver provides education to healthcare workers to improve their patients' overall experience.

We understand the time constraints in today's workplace and have customized microlearning videos to help you gain the skills you need to be a better, more positive healthcare worker.

We provide live training and speaking at events to help hospitals improve employee engagement and their patients' overall experience.

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