The Importance of COVID-19 Compliance for Hospital Referrals

COVID-19 compliance has become one of the number one factors when it comes to hospital referrals.

A recent study done among 7000 patients by a Boston consulting group has found that you can influence up to 50% of patients returning for elective surgery if you certify that your facility is COVID-19 compliant.

To get ahead of the game and focus on getting those hospital referrals, you must start ensuring that your hospital is 100% COVID-19 compliant.

One way to get the word out about your hospital’s COVID-19 compliance is by downloading a certificate that says you are COVID-19 compliant. Learn more about the importance of COVID-19 compliance in your hospital below.

How Does COVID-19 Compliance Impact Hospital Referrals?

Patients want to know that they will be safe when they come into a hospital. Most people are highly fearful about COVID-19. They fear catching it, and they specifically fear going to hospitals, where the chances of contracting COVID-19 are much higher.

By educating managers to lead in the new normal and focus on COVID-19 compliance, we can better engage with our frontline workers and win back every patient.

In addition to COVID-19 compliance, another great way to get hospital referrals and win back patients is to reignite caregiver engagement and unleash their influence in the community - starting with family and friends.

Capabilities to Regain Lost Patient Volumes and Grow

Here are steps to gain more hospital referrals, win back patients, and ensure that all hospital staff and facilities are COVID-19 compliant.

1. Educate and Empower Everyone to serve as a C. I. O. (“Chief Influence Officer”)

2. Charter an “Easy Access Task Force.” Plan and coordinate convenient patient and family access to the hospital and offsite facilities.

3. Commit to Excellence. Learn one new idea every day and do it in a better way.

4. Make reputation recovery a core competency.

5. Fast-track a cultural DNA of “Being a Safe, 5-Star Healthcare Experience” through sentence starters used by everyone, everywhere.

6. Educate and empower leaders with state-of-the-art competent people skills.

7. Unleash your trusted leaders to serve as safety ambassadors.

8. Include the following in your win-back marketing campaign:

• A full-page print advertisement

• Have key leaders record YouTube and Facebook videos

• Invite patients to record “Why I came Back” testimonials videos

• Schedule a live streaming Customer Academy

9. Request Your Win-Back Tool Kit now

10. Join us for the Annual HealthCare Service Excellence Conference 2021 to learn how to overcome all the practical and cultural challenges to improving the patient experience. Discover yourself an implementable prescription for frontline, leadership, and patient engagement at this year's conference.

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