The 12 Imperatives of Caregiver Inspiration

What would be the value if you could learn the 12 imperatives of caregiver inspiration and do it all in ten minutes or less?

Caregiver inspiration is all about inspiring others and leading by. If you’re interested in the 12 different ways to provide caregiver inspiration, you’ve reached the right place.

Here’s everything you need to know about inspiring the caregivers and the hospital staff members around you.

The 12 Imperatives of Caregiver Inspiration

1. Inspire 5-Star Patient Kindness

Inspire patient kindness by telling stories of your contribution to others that go above and beyond.

When you tell a story, it captures people’s imagination. It’s possible, supportive, and can help them through difficult times.

2. Selflessness

One question that will guarantee your role as an inspirational leader is: “am I more concerned about myself or others?”. When you’re concerned about yourself, it’s about ego, but when you’re concerned about others, it’s selfless.

When you show concern about others, you focus on service to others.

3. Your Staff Members Are Stars

If you want your people to perform like stars, you must first help them see themselves as stars. You must believe in them. You must bring out the confidence of people who struggle with low self-esteem.

Show them that you care about them and believe in them.

4. Lead By Example

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.”

5. Lead WIth Purpose

People want to know ‘the why’ behind ‘the how.’ You need to stand up for your values and your beliefs and do just that - lead with purpose.

6. Lead By Wandering Around

Find time every day as a leader to check in with your people. Be curious about how they’re doing. Ask them questions about their lives and be there for them.

Be a brilliant conversationalist by listening to them and talking about their lives.

7. Notice, Recognize and Appreciate

The number one reason people leave their jobs is that they don’t feel valued and appreciated.

Remember, things that get recognized and rewarded get repeated.

8. Embrace Humor in the Workplace

The team that plays together stays together. The more we can create sticky, humorous relationships between colleagues, the better.

9. Lead Inspiring Meetings

Always open meetings with good news.

Have everybody share something positive that has happened in their lives, personal or professional.

End every meeting with ‘good of the patient.’ Invite people to share the best idea or insight that will enhance service to the patient.

10. Have a Good Attitude

“Based upon our attitude, we can bring joy or misery.” Be positive, and your staff members will be positive too.

11. Perpetually Motivate Your Caregiver Heroes

Motivate your caregivers. Have them create five-minute videos about what inspires them.

12. “We cannot do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good that we can do.”

Caregiver inspiration is about trying to do good. Always.

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