Breakthrough Series


It's a Total Package

Join for this dynamic, high impact, innovative, practical leadership education series, designed to achieve breakthrough in sustainable improvements for your HCAHPS patient experience scores.

The HCAHPS Breakthrough Leadership™
Series (HBS) includes:

Engaging How-to Roadmap

Designed to provide an engaging, educational, how-to roadmap that will captivate the imagination of attendees to successfully drive positive frontline behavioral change at every level. 

One Hour a Month, Time Sensitive Education

Each webinar includes a downloadable Learning Guide that features priority best practice tools, LEAN friendly standard operating proceedure checklists, and vital implementation skills. 

Learn How to Overcome…

The two biggest barriers to improving hospital HCAHPS scores: 

  • Managers & staff don’t know what to do
  • Staff don’t want to do it 
It All Starts with Webinar #1:

The C Suite Role in HCAHPS Transformation

Capitalize on the entire HCAHPS Breakthrough Leadership Seriesby ensuring your entire leadership team participates in this eye-opening HCAHPS role defining “wake up call”. 

A High Impact Agenda that Educates
  • Why this HCAHPS domain matters 
  • Key leadership engagement best practices 
  • 6-8 competency based proven skills and best
  • Critical tools and resources 
  • Key Frontline engagement best practices 
  • Team “DO IT” Implementation Plan (Daily Ongoing Improvement Tactics) 

Who Should Attend?

The CEO, CNO, CMO, Senior Leadership, Physicians, Providers, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Charge Nurses, and Key Influencers. 

The 10% Tipping Point

With 10% of your team participating, you will create a critical mass of expertise to generate sustainable results. You can register 100% of your team members. 

Create Your Own Timetable

To fully leverage your leaders’ busy calendar, the HBSSeries can be viewed:

  • At the pre-scheduled time, or
  • At a time that works for you and your team by accessing the library 24/7 anytime after the webinar has aired 

HBS Package

Each Webinar Comes Complete With:

  • 12-15 page downloadable learning guide featuring priority best practice tools, LEAN friendly standard operating procedures checklists, and critical implementation skills. 
  • One page Team DO IT Plan of all the best practices needed to move scores and sustain improvement. 
  • The Webinar Master team DO IT implementation system – a step-by-step guide to achieving sustainable improvement. 
  • Library Access: Participants who miss any of the scheduled webinar series and wish to revisit or share the content with other employees, can access the HBS library for three months following the 13th webinar. 
  • CHPP Certification: Participants have the option of completing a post series online test and earning the designation – Certified HCAHPS Practicing Professional “CHPP” 
  • Take the CHPP Certification Test HERE
I am happy to report that since taking the course with our managers, our inpatient satisfaction has hit 94%. This is up from dipping down to 89%. There is still work to be done, but we have a great multidisciplinary patient satisfaction focus group that is engaged, and coming up with new ideas weekly. Taking the course was most beneficial for us. 

Four HBS™ Value Added Features

Take full advantage of 4 benefits of the complete high-impact education tool kit, including: 

All 13 Webinars with unlimited access for 3 months after the last scheduled webinar
A personalized coaching call with author Brian Lee, CSP.
A customized Leadership Video Keynote The Magic of Frontline Engagement™, The 12 Biggest Barriers to Frontline Engagement and How to Overcome Them.

List of HBS Webinars

  1. The C-Suite Leader Role in HCAHPS Transformation™ 
    Creating Leadership Inspiration, Engagement & Accountability to Drive HCAHPS Success
  2. The Quiet Revolution™ 
    How to Create a Restful, Healing Environment that Patients Perceive to Be Quiet
  3. Cleanliness Matters™ 
    Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness
  4. Medication Education Imperative™ 
    Master the Skills of Successful Patient Medication Education
  5. Skillful Physician Communication
    Master the Communication Skills for a Compassionate Patient Experience
  6. Relationship-Based Nurse Communication
    Master Relationship-Based Communication Skills that Heal
  7. Discharge Satisfaction Guaranteed
    How to Prepare Every Patient for Safe, Continued Recovery at Home… Every Time!
  8. Compassionate Pain Care
    Create a Culture of Compassionate Pain Care Through Proven Skills and Best Practices
  9. Revolutionize Staff Responsiveness
    Create a Culture of Empathetic, Timely, Responsive Service
  10. Care Transitions Done Right
    Engage Staff and Patients in Creating a Seamless Care Transition Experience
  11. High-Performing Overall Hospitals
    A Strategic Blueprint to Engage All Staff in Creating a Compassionate Experience for Patients and Family Throughout their Hospital Stay
  12. The Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing
    Create a Hospital Experience that Patients Will Enthusiastically Recommend
  13. Applied Inspiration
    Discover How Small Acts of Compassion Make a Big Difference in the Patient Experience