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Satisfaction Guaranteed 29Aug2012

Satisfaction Guaranteed™
Satisfy Every Customer Every Time

By Brian C. Lee CSP

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KeepYourNurse 2020

Keep Your NURSES & Healthcare Professionals for Life
The four imperatives to inspire, retain, motivate and empower, patient-focused nurses and everyone else

By Brian C. Lee CSP

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Skillfull Physician Communication
Master the communication skills of a compassionate patient-experience

By Brian C. Lee CSP with David Dworski

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Rural Hospital Renaissance
A game changing blueprint for patient driven future

By Brian C. Lee CSP

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One Minute Name Memory

One Minute Name Memory
How to remember every name - every time - forever!

By Brian C. Lee CSP

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Survival Index

Rural Hospital Renaissance Hospital Assessment Tool

Achieve a breakthrough in the patient experience to transform the future from decline and survival to growth and revival. Complete your breakthrough Survival Index stress test!

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Healthcare Speakers Bureau

Your One-Stop Inspiration Spot

A Total Inspiration Solution for Healthcare Leaders If you're in healthcare and you need a speaker, you've come to the right place.

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Certified HCAHPS Practicing Professional

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Make Plans to Earn Your CHPP Designation

Become a “Certified HCAHPS Practicing Professional” by taking the (optional) final test at the completion of the HBS series.

C.H.P.P. Benefits

  • Sense of personal accomplishment
  • Creating a critical mass of expertise to improve the patient experience
  • Completing the test is a valuable learning experience
  • Will inspire others by example
  • Invaluable addition to your resume

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