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Custom Learning offers a broad range of relevant, high-content keynote topics. These highly customized presentations are crafted to thoughtfully align with your meeting theme. Please understand that our talks are not taken 'off the shelf,' with the same material repeated for every client. We perform our due diligence. We spend as much time as necessary on the phone with you, long in advance of the keynote, interviewing leading administrators, and querying designated associates in order to shape and personalize the message your staff members need to hear.


In addition to their experience and skills as coaches and consultants, all CLS Implementation Specialists are chosen for their skills as dynamic speakers and group facilitators.

The Engagement FactorOur CLS Faculty

Custom Learning Systems delivers relevant, timely and usable information that is enhanced by more.

CustomizeHow We Customize

See how we Custom Tailor all of our on-site Keynotes, Seminars, and Courses… more.

OnsiteOnsite Advantage

Choose from over 100 leading-edge, leadership, professional development and service excellence topics… more.

Five unique ways we create a world-class presentation every time.

    1. Integrate your convention theme into the presentation in a way that brings it to life.

    2. Link themessage to other keynote presenters by quoting them, enabling the audience to see the continuity of the theme.

    3. Provide a quality customized Learning Guide, (not simply a power point print out), that includes 1 or more relevant implementation tools.

    4. Will deliver an additional breakout presentation on the same day, at no additional fee.

    5. Offer every attendee the (free) option of;

      • a digital PowerPoint of the presentation that can be used for
        post event participant peer education.

      • an e.copy of one of Brian's books that is relevant to the keynote

      • a 1 hour coaching call, which audience members can use
        individually or as a team

      • additional implementation tools, too large to include in the
        Learning Guide.

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