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About CLS

Our Mission:

To create a World-Class Patient Experience, Staff Engagement and Physician Satisfaction.

Custom Learning Systems Group Ltd. (CLS) has created a proven process for enabling healthcare organizations to become the Employer and Provider of Choice in their community.

The CLS Culture of Engagement model works because it empowers everyone — from Administrators to frontline — in sustainable culture change and organizational transformation. Our systematic approach dramatically improves the patient experience, physician satisfaction, and employee retention.

Custom Learning Systems processes achieve breakthrough results.


HCAHPS Performance Improvement is at the top of everyone's priority list these days more.

The Engagement FactorEmployee Retention

CLS has created a system that will help you improve your employee retention levels and make you the employer of choice… more.


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Focus on Results

With a clear focus on Patient Satisfaction/HCAHPS Survey responses, the CLS process increases patient satisfaction. Front line staff are empowered to act autonomously in service to patients and their families. Employee commitment and increased high morale yield continuous quality improvement, excellent word of mouth in the community, higher volumes, better utilization of resources — and an improved bottom line.

Sustainable Quality

The proprietary CLS culture change process employs built-in measurement and accountability systems to ensure lasting organizational improvement. A time-tested mix of training, coaching, consulting, and implementation systems guarantees sustainability. A newly empowered and engaged management and frontline staff create the new culture, and assure that it becomes part of the organization’s DNA.

What We Are Known For

We provide a proven framework for organizational transformation. Progressive health care organizations have achieved breakthrough results using the CLS process of engaging and empowering leadership and front line staff. Hundreds of organizations have received regional and national recognition for improved results using the CLS system. Health care leaders realize that to continually improve and achieve sustainability, change must be made from the inside out.

Improved Bottom Line

An enhanced patient experience translates into an improved bottom line. Evidence-based research shows that ROI (return on investment) improves because it is cheeper to do it right the first time and raving fans equal market growth.

Patient Driven

Everything we do is designed to improve the patients’ experience. We are totally committed to the empowerment and engagement of managers and the front line staff. Our creed is “We make a difference in the lives of people who make a difference in the lives of people.” As one CLS Associate said: “I like helping healthcare professionals bring about positive change for a better patient experience. I am humbled to see the people I coach become ever more passionate about their work – and the community they serve ever more loyal to their local hospital.”

Healthcare Service Excellence Conferenceservices

For more than a decade, CLS has hosted the acclaimed HealthCare Service Excellence Conference. This is a must-attend event for healthcare professionals seeking leading edge education. World class keynote speakers and engaging breakout sessions provide inspirational and relevant content that make a dramatic difference in their workplace and professional lives. Discover why this is the most highly rated customer service conference in health care today.