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Custom Learning Systems Group Ltd. (CLS) has created a proven process for enabling healthcare organizations to Become the Employer and Providers of Choice in their community.

Custom Learning Systems is pleased to share these resources with you to use and share. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1.800.667.7325.


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Gallagher Integrated Whitepaper: A Board Work Guide For Cultures OF Ectraordinary Patient Experiences

green arrow (687 kb .pdf)

Employee Engagement: A 5-step plan for improving results green arrow (130 kb .pdf)

Employee Engagement in the Continuing and Long Term Care Sectors green arrow (113 kb .pdf)



HCAHPS Readiness and Performance Management green arrow (143 kb .pdf)

HR and HCAHPS Education – Increasing scores is more than just a Clinical or Management Issue green arrow (111 kb .pdf)


Books in PDF

Keep Your Nurses for Life green arrow (798 kb.pdf)

Satisfaction Guaranteed green arrow (628 kb.pdf)

One Minute Name Memory green arrow (47 kb.pdf)



Hospital of Choice Podcast (Part 1, VBP Leadership Preparation) gold arrow (18.6 MB .mp3)

Hospital of Choice Podcast (Part 2, Value-Added Service) gold arrow (31.0 MB .mp3)

Who's Your Gladys (Interview Podcast) gold arrow (26.9 MB .mp3)

Engaging Frontline Associates (21-min Video Presentation)gold arrow (27.7 MB .wmv)

Recognizing a Dysfunctional Culture (81-min Video Presentation)gold arrow (24.3 MB .wmv)