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HCAHPS holds the power to determine your financial future

HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems)

Patient satisfaction as measured by the HCAHPS Survey has the potential to make or break your bottom line. Comparative results of HCAHPS scores can be easily reviewed online by potential patients and insurers at The challenge for hospitals is simple: low scores can mean fewer patients, more empty beds, staff layoffs, and less funding for capital improvements. High scores can result in financial bonus, higher census, higher staff morale and a positive brand in the community.

Confronted by the challenge to raise HCAHPS scores, we often hear, “Sure. We know what we’re supposed to achieve… but how do we go about it?

Custom Learning Systems has developed a series of Focused educational programs for Leadership and Frontline staff on how to understand and resolve the often-intangible questions measured by the HCAHPS Survey.

These initiatives zero in on improving the patient experience from five different strategies:

The Initiatives comprise a powerful, synergistic training series designed to increase your HCAHPS scores and positively impact your bottom line.