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Keep Your Nurses (and HealthCare Professionals) for Life™

This book is for every decision-maker in a position to impact policy
and practices towards staff retention and recruitment.

The Mission: To provide healthcare leadership with a implementable blueprint to significantly improve nurse retention.

“A 1% change in employee morale equals a 2% change in Patient Satisfaction.” – Press Ganey

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Rave Reviews for Keep Your Nurses and Healthcare Professional for Life

“Excellent! As a board member and business owner, I plan on using these techniques in my law practice.” – Darrin Mercier – Trustee, Fairchild Medical Center

“Applies to many other industries besides healthcare.” – Bill Halverson – Co-Director, California Telemed & Telehealth Center

“Excellent material. Value your employees and let them know it!” – Barbara Glaser – Legislative, California Healthcare Association

“Now I can take the material he gave me and put it to work.” – Sherry Gamble – Board Member, John C. Fremont Healthcare District

“Very timely and relevant topic.” – Carolyn Nazahal – RHC Manager, Memorial Hospital

“The quality and content are pertinent, realistic, and can be implemented in many ways with low or zero cost. The information, if used well, is invaluable.” – Dee Nishioka – RN/AUM

“Very in tune with our vision and where healthcare is today. Creates a straight forward structure to implement great ideas.” – Debbie Gac – Vice President

“The quality of the material is presented very effectively… with everyday scenarios, applications and solutions applicable to implement.” –  Debbie Firks – Team Coordinator

“Brian Lee is right on in hitting the issues of healthcare and planting the seeds for individual change.” –  Larky Blunk – Director, Acute Care

“Very down-to-earth with realistic strategies. Brian is more grounded in reality than most who deal with this topic.” – Terry Scherl – Director, Women’s & Children’s Services