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On-site Training

To meet the needs of healthcare meeting planners, CLS specializes in providing custom-tailored, high-impact, on-site, seminars, courses and workshops. We do this through delivering highly-interactive learning environments where healthcare associates are given the opportunity to practice, master, and then apply the skills, tools, and techniques that are needed

Our Implementation Specialists (meet them on the Faculty page of this website) are dynamic, highly-rated educators who consistently achieve rave reviews with an average rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 on their audience evaluations.

They are skilled at and employ all instructional methods:

• “Deciding the What” (we need to learn) Lecture
• Demonstration
• Discussion (small and large group) Video
• One-to One Coaching
• Case studies Learning games
• Role-plays (safely, at tables)
• Take-home Workbooks/Learning Guides for all classes.

And always, the customization of training for individual client needs.


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