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Magic of Engagement™

Thank you for attendingThe Magic of Engagement™. Brian Lee's presentations was well received and we appreciate those who completed the Participant Satisfaction Report as we value your input, and will share your feedback with our host.

As discussed in the presentations here are the links to the tools which we trust will be of value to you. Please follow the CLS Home page link to access addition information about our services.



Access the downloads referenced in the presentation from here:

(Right click the arrow, and 'Save Target As' to your computer)

green arrow sample (green) = PFD file red sample arrow (red) = Power Point file


Implementation Tool downloads:

Power Point of the presentation "Magic of Engagement"red sample arrow   (35 mb .ppt)


Coaching Call/Webinar:

If you expressed an interest in a coaching call or in sharing the Webinar "The Leader's Role in HCAHPS Transformation, someone from our office will contact you for further details.


Books in PDF

Keep Your Nurses for Life green arrow (798 kb.pdf)