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Physician Engagement
Compassionate Care: a Core Business Practice for Physicians

As medical training increasingly focuses on technology, procedures, specialty knowledge, business and finance — the art of caring has been minimized. Often, physicians take the stance that patient satisfaction problems don’t involve them.

It is the aim of Custom Learning System’s sessions with doctors to make the case that the art of compassionate care is as important as clinical excellence.

Their behavior has a huge impact on the working relationships of staff. Physicians drive the healthcare process, and the challence is to ensure they drive it with the core values of compassionate care and intentional presence.

The truth is, if the hospital is not successful — what hope remains for the doctors working there to be successful?

We know that without the physician as a key champion of Service Excellence, the organization will not be able to provide exceptional care.

At CLS, we are mindful of the enormous demands on physicians’ time. When calendaring sessions with doctors, every effort is made to fit into their existing schedules. Our programs are targeted and succinct, and can be delivered briefly at medical staff or department meetings.

We promise you, they will not be bored.

Some of the helpful ideas we discuss with physicians are: