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Patient Satisfaction: The Trump Card

A patient’s experience is the make-or-break issue in healthcare.

Patients expect good clinical care. But most importantly, they demand attentive, compassionate care. No amount of hi-tech equipment or glossy facilities can make up for poor customer service.

Surveys consistently show that the personal attention received while hospitalized is the deciding factor that ensures happy, satisfied patients. Unhappy patients lose no time telling friends and relatives about the lack of attention they received while in your care. Their negative reports travel swiftly, through the community and the internet, pushing potential patients to choose your competitors.

Low HCAHPS scores send you — and your public — the message that patients can expect an unsatisfactory stay in your hospital. That means fewer patients, and less revenue – for everyone.

Building a world-class service culture is the only way to own the powerful competitive advantage you need in today’s healthcare marketplace.

A crucial measure of your hospital’s patient satisfaction standing — and your bottom line — is measured by improved HCAHPS scores. Improving those scores and making you a Hospital of Choice is our mission.

Becoming a Hospital of Choice is not easy. Creating a healthcare service culture requires leadership, team effort and accountability. At CLS, we understand your challenges. Our training supports compassionate care from the top down, strategically driving your organization to significant gains in patient satisfaction, employee empowerment, engagement, and morale.

Let your community experience your hospital as the best place to be cared for — and be cared about.


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