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Transformational Initiatives

Culture change does not happen overnight. It can take one to three years.

Major organizational change is achieved through continuous learning, systematic implementation, and accountability. Based on three decades of experience, CLS has crafted seven major transformational training and implementation processes.

"If you have a problem, make it a proceedure, and it won't be a problem anymore."
- Wayne Cotton

Engage Everybody

Custom Learning Systems’ training engages all your associates early and makes sense to them. CLS training proceeds from a sense of great and worthy purpose. It follows a learning sequence that has a strong focus on action and builds momentum as it goes along.

The CLS Transformational Initiatives:

Hospital of Choice Initiative™

Losing volume because you’re not The Hospital of Choice?

Low HCAHPS scores sending your patients down the road? How many drive right by you — on their way to your competitor?

Failure to be the Hospital of Choice in your market area costs you reputation — and revenue.

Custom Learning System’s proven Hospital of Choice Initiative™ is a dynamic, hands-on process built around immediately-usable training in all the HCAHPS Domains.

Details of the Hospital of Choice Initiative Hospital of Choice


Culture of Engagement Initiative™ (Provider of Choice)

Engage the staff in your workplace — and win in your marketplace!

Take action and re-kindle the passion for meaningful work that initially led your employees to the healthcare profession.

After 20 years working with hundreds of hospital clients to become a Provider of Choice, CLS has created a proven Culture of Engagement Initiative by training Frontline staff to be trainers followed by a structured implementation system.

Details of the Culture of Engagement Initiative Culture of Engagement Initiativ


Leadership Accountability Initiative™ (Employer of Choice)

Accountability: no point in playing if you don’t keep score…

As longtime coaches and partners to healthcare institutions, CLS discovered that the biggest barrier to becoming an Employer of Choice is lack of accountability.

If managers lack the fortitude to confront staff who aren’t performing in tune with the strategy for HCAHPS success, the message sent is one of indifference: We have these standards, but you don’t have to comply with them if you don’t care to… Which is a recipe for failure.

CLS gives managers the systems, skills and self-confidence to to engage and motivate their staff through the Leadership Accountability Initiative.

Details of the Leadership Accountability Initiative Leadership Accountability Initiative


Other CLS Initiatives that speak to distinct hospital needs include: