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The HCAHPS Hospital of Choice™

This dynamic three-year culture change process is designed to enable progressive healthcare organizations to achieve marketplace distinction:


Total Management Engagement and Accountability

Engage every leader to become 100% accountable for patient and employee satisfaction. Participation in strategic Best Practices via Rapid Action Plans brings quick results. Work with physicians to resolve their dissatisfiers. This is first step in engaging their accountability for HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) patient satisfaction scores.



Enthusiastic Frontline Leadership (“Get the rest to follow the best.”)

Empower and train your best and brightest frontline staff to serve as role models, teaching their peers world-class patient satisfaction skills and demonstrating an attitude of loving service. There’s no curing without caring.



Excellence in Executing the Plan

Change your culture systematically by matching customized on-site training programs with ongoing accountability processes. Continue the change process via Monthly "DO IT" Projects.

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View the HCAHPS Hospital of Choice Roadmap Roadmap