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Manager/Leaders may talk about ‘accountability’ at every opportunity — but unless they are able to physically show staff what they will be held accountable for, their leadership effort will fall short of success.

The skills, behaviors and scripting required to “Hardwire the Outstanding Patient Experience” in each HCAHPS Domain make training — and accountability — understandable for all associates.

HOPE Plans are designed as easy-to-use check-lists. They are practical teaching tools with which staff learns best practices for Patient Satisfaction. And as ‘living, breathing documents,’ staff members can add their own best practices to any of the Plans for accessible sharing with other departments.

The HOPE Plans serve as vital check-lists to lead service improvement by both clinical and non-clinical staff in each HCAHPS Domain, as well as all ancillary/support departments


Purpose and Design

The systematic HOPE blueprint serves as a ready reference tool for all staff members as they work to improve the Patient Experience and HCAHPS scores.


Your Hospital Team will learn how to:


HOPE Plan Deliverables

CLS recommends chartering Domain-specific rapid-action/LEAN HOPE Plan Teams to improve outcomes, utilizing HOPE Plan tools.