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Bellwether: The Early Warning
Performance Improvement Tool

The consistent gathering of real-time feedback from patients while they are still in residence at your hospital is the secret to continuous service improvement.

Bellwether is Custom Learning’s proprietary program for surveying patient satisfaction levels. A small number of questions regarding their stay are asked of patients, with their responses captured on a smart phone. The result? Immediately-actionable patient trending data is now in hand for service improvement (if necessary) or for the sharing with staff of kudo’s and positive responses from satisfied patients.

This is fastest way to check the patient population’s “vitals” around your goal of excellence in service: you’re not waiting for HCAHPS scores to be reported quartely or even once a year. This is not a tool to replace your Patient Survey, but to supplement and compliment it.

With Bellwether you have actionable information to eleminate Patient dissatifiers immediately!.

Here’s what you need to know about Custom Learning’s Bellwether process:




Turn real-time patient feedback into fast and sustainable improvements to improve Survey results and HCAHPS scores.



You will learn how to:

Empowered Leaders Say it best:

"We love this system! It’s quick and easy to use. We get great feedback, and are able to identify trends as they develop, which allows us to take immediate corrective action. We’ve experienced significant improvement as a result.”

– Emily Mouser, Vice President, Human Resources, McAlester Regional Health Center


Watch a demo of Bellwether: