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Why 6 CEO’s endorse the CEO’s Service Excellence Initiative

“DO IT! The Custom Learning System Service Excellence Initiative is a process that gets every body speaking the same language and focused on the right issues. The CLS model has enabled us to create a sustainable system for achieving excellent results.”

— Paul Stewart, CEO, Sky Lakes Medical Center


“The return on investment for Service Excellence is a no-brainer! While I was very skeptical at first, what’s happening here is far, far beyond my expectation. This is probably the best decision I’ve ever made in my career. We’ve received fantastic support at every level. I’m more committed to this program now than anything else. Our board chair is thrilled. The whole process is very gratifying and truly amazing.”

— Rich D’Alberto, FACHE, CEO, Laurens County Health Care System, SC


"The Custom Learning System Hospital of Choice was the catalyst to getting us where we always knew we could be. It taught our organization how to teach our staff to be the high level organization we wanted to be. It has improved our image, improved the type of employees we have, and most importantly, helped us deliver the care that our patients deserve."

— Rodney D. Smith, MBA, FACHE, President & CEO, Harrisburg Medical Center, IL


"Throughout our journey with Custom Learning their team has always been by our side or just a phone call away. As we start our Year 5 of Service Excellence they continue to provide us with the momentum to implement top-notch patient/customer, employee and Physician satisfaction."

— Dennis Shelby, CEO, Wilson Medical Center, KS


"I never worked with a consulting organization that I felt was so committed to our success. From the staff at the home office to the implementation specialist in the field, they go the extra mile to make sure the client has every opportunity to succeed. They live what they teach."

— Chuck Skillings, CEO, Unity Health Center, OK


"The Custom Learning System Service Excellemce Initiative is a high energy, structural and proven process that has enabled us to engage the Frontline to make patient satisfaction our top priority."

— Steve Smith, CEO, Matagorda Regional Medical Center